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  • How many leads do I need to see results?
    Leads is all about numbers, the more leads you have the higher your probability of closing. We recommend at least 100-200 leads a month for agents who want to be profitable.
  • What happens if the number of a lead is out of service?
    If a number is incorrect or out of service, our team will first confirm that the contact information is out of service before replacing the lead.
  • Do you train agents on how to sell IULs?
    Due to the high number of agents that we work with, we do not provide individual trainings to agents. We do provide a script to the agents that work with us to help them increase their chances of closing a sale.
  • What is the average target premium on IULs?
    An average target premium is $2,400 for an IUL policy.
  • Do you offer refunds?
    Our top priority is to ensure that our clients have full understanding on how our business model works before starting our program. There will be no refund once a package has been paid for.
  • How do you send the leads?
    We primarily have the leads automatically populate in a google doc spreadsheet. However, if an agent uses a CRM we could also connect the leads to their CRM. Please note that we are not responsible for setting up CRM's for agents.
  • What is a realistic budget for buy leads?
    An average agent budgets a minimum of $2,000 a month in order to have a higher closing ratio.
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